So, I'm writing Book 2 at the moment and I'm reaching the end of Act One or the first third of the story. As mentioned at the end of book one (SPOILER!) Daisy's first assignment is to cover the opening of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. By happy coincidence or synchronicity the Rijksmuseum IS ACTUALLY REOPENING this year after ten years of refurbishments. I lived in Amsterdam for two years so I'm pretty familiar with the building but it was always mostly closed off. This makes it a little tricky to write but I'm planning on writing the first draft and then visiting the museum again to sure it's accurate. I'm also hoping for a few "ah-ha!" moments that will help the story. The video above is for the grand re-opening but if you adjust your mind ever so slightly you can also see it as a trailer for Daisy Cooper and the Devil's Masquerade ;-)

Without giving the game away, Amsterdam is just the start of Daisy Cooper's next story. It's when she meets up with an old friend that her adventure really begins.

In other DC news, I've created a reviews page where I'm posting reviews. It's lovely to have written reviews by young readers such as Abi who's father sent me the scan of her note. It makes everything worth while. If you want to post a review, I'd love one on amazon but you can also contact me on the contacts page as well.

Happy 2013!